North Salem High School - Class of 1963

First class to graduate from North Salem High School.

Why is the North Salem High Class of 1963 on a Purdys Central High web site?  Most, if not all, members of the 1963 graduating class attended Purdys Central High until mid-way through their senior year. This was before North Salem High replaced Purdys Central as the new North Salem Township middle and high school, in the winter of 1962-1963.  We honor their strong connection with our beloved Purdys Central High.

North Salem High School - Class of 1963

From the North Salem High 1963 yearbook... an homage to Purdys Central High:

"We, the Class of 1963, dedicate this book to the memory of Purdys Central High School and all that it has meant to us.

The past four years have been highlighted by cross country, hockey, Christmas concerts, basketball, cheerleading, spring concerts, student council elections, jazz concerts, and baseball, to mention only a few of the many activities which have been important to us. As a class, we were initiated in true form when we began our freshman year and since then we have been responsible for two Halloween hops, a Christmas semi-formal, the changing of the school rings, two card parties, a turn-about show for this year\'s freshmen, and this, our yearbook. As part of the student body, we recall the pride we felt as we contributed toward the winning of two sportsmanship awards and three baseball championships under the banner of Purdys Central High School.

Now, as the first graduating class of North Salem High School, we realize the importance of the new school to the students and to the community. In name, Purdys Central High School is gone, but let us never forget the pride, spirit, honor, and sportsmanship that Purdys students, now North Salem students, carry with them."