Purdys Central High School - Class of 1933

This page shows two photos of the Class of 1933 - one with & one without clearly identified name/face pairs. Unfortunately a match of names & faces in the clearest of the two photos has not been possible.  If you can help, please click/tap this link: IDENTIFY.

Purdys Central High School - Class of 1933 

Names/faces do not necessarily match:Freda Burns, Louise Daros, Yolanda Daros, Muriel DeNio, William Kroger, Helen McCarty, Caroll Miller, Beulah Purdy, Catherine Razionale, Dorothy Russo,James Shay, Grace Smith, Earl Tompkins.

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Purdys central High - Class of 1933 - Washington DC trip

Class of 1933 on their Washington, DC trip. Photo from Salemite Magazine, April 1934.